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Click here to view step by step installation instructions for Shelby racing stripes. The basics of these instructions pertain to all decals.

Supplies needed for installation: Toothbrush, Isopropyl Alcohol, Clean Cloth, Original Dawn Dish Detergent with no Hand Creme additives, Squeegee, and Exacto Knife. We also offer a professional decal application fluid for $19.99. This application fluid is not necessary but recommended if you do not want to mix the solution yourself. You will need to make a wetting solution by adding 1 teaspoon of "DAWN ORIGINAL" dish soap in one quart of water. These measurements must be exact. Mix solution in a clean spray bottle. you may need to wait at least one hour before removing the transfer tape from your decal. Patience and an eye for detail are required to install all larger decals including racing stripes and fire ponies. If you are unsure of your abilities please consult a local detail or body shop for assistance.


Surface preparations-Very Important!: 3M Recommends cleaning the area for application (inc. Windshield) with one of the following: Dupont Prepsol, Sherwin Williams Sure will Clean, or a Naptha Based cleaner. Use the toothbrush and one of these cleaning products. When finished, wipe clean with Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean cloth.


General application instructions: Room temperature should be no less than 60 Degrees Fahrenheit and no greater than 90 Degrees Fahrenheit. Pre-heat the area with a Hairdryer if uncertain. The Transfer Tape is the tape covering the front of your Decal. The Release Film is on the back side of your Decal. To remove your Decal from the Release the Decal face down so the Release Film is facing you. Peel back the Release Film at a minimal angle preferably 0-5 Degrees. The Decal is now exposed with the adhesive facing you. Apply your Decal to the vehicle according to the steps below and allow to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour before attempting to remove the transfer tape. Remember...patience, patience, patience. The longer you wait the better your Decal will look.


Valance decals, Hub Ponies, Fender Ponies, and Emblem Cover Decals: Mix a Soap solution of Sawn Detergent and water in a spray bottle. Use 1 Teaspoon of soap to 1 Quart of Water. Peel off each Decal or Letter one at a time be sure not to fold or crease them. Use your Exacto knife to handle the decals. Spray the adhesive surface of your decal with the Soap and water solution. Place the Decal in the engraved area and use your thumb to firmly place the decal and expel any water solution. Drying time varies. Allow overnight if your not sure.


Fender Ponies: Work with one pony at a time. Remove from release film and spray with soap and water solution. Firmly apply "3/4 above Emblem with the head facing the front of the vehicle. When dry remove the transfer tape.


83-01 Hood Contour Stripe: Carefully remove Release Film from Stripe and wet adhesive with Soap and water solution. Position the Decal and squeegee out any bubbles. Do not apply in direct sunlight or when the hood of the vehicle is hot to the touch. Allow your Decal to Dry and remove Transfer tape.


94-04 Hood Decal: Remove release film from Decal and spray with soap and water solution. Keep in mind the Decal is a half inch longer for folding under the hood. Be sure to clean this area thoroughly where the Decal will adhere. Spray with soap and water solution and squeegee out any bubbles. Allow to dry and carefully remove transfer tape.


Windshield Decals: Clean area thoroughly. Remove release film from decal and spray adhesive with soap and water solution. Apply below the molding and centered on the windshield. Squeegee out soap and water solution and wait for it to dry. Carefully remove transfer tape.


Mustang GT and Mustang LX Center Molding Stripe: Work left to right. Remove enough release film to pass the cornerof the Bumper. Apply Decal to end of Bumper on the Passenger side. Use your left hand topress and hold down the decal while pulling the release tape with the right hand. Smooth out the decal with your left thumb as you go. When you reach the corners pulla ittle tighter but not tight enough to distort the stripe. Cut all angles with an exacto knife.


Shelby Stripes: Do one section at a time. Use a grease pencil and mark the center of the Hood, Roof, and Trunk. Flood the application area with soap and water solution. Remove release film from the decal and apply to vehicle. Adjust by carefully sliding decal into position. Squeegee out any soap and water solution and allow to dry. Carefully remove transfer tape. Look here for step by step instructions for installation of our 2005 Shelby Stripes. We recommend Action Tac Splash to install all racing stripes.


Mustang "C" Stripe: Carefully remove "C" portion of Stripe from release film. Spray soap and water solution on adhesive portion of decal and on vehicle. Carefully apply to vehicle and adjust by sliding. Remember there is a half inch overlay for tucking into the Door Jam. Be sure to clean this area thoroughly. Squeegee out any remaining soap and water solution and allow to dry. Repeat these steps for the top and bottom portions of the Decal.


Rear Brake light Decals: Align the center of the decal with the center of the Brake light. Line up the bottom of the decal with the bottom of the brake light. Apply pressure with your thumbs working from the center outwards. After working any bubbles out of the decal remove the transfer tape. Work the edges around the brake light starting from the top center and working your way around to the bottom.


Go out and enjoy your new decals!



This site is protected by 128 Bit "Secure Socket Layer Encryption" for your safety and ordering security.